Bethenny Frankel Glad Her ‘Housewives’ Podcast Is ‘Annoying’ Critic: ‘I’m doing something right’ +2023

Bethenny Frankel is here for the haters. That Real Housewives of New York City alum welcomed her critics with open arms in a new one Yahoo entertainment interview and tell the outlet they’re upset RHONY Fans with her new podcast, then she’s on the right track.

Frankel, who starred in the Bravo hit for seasons 1-3 before going on hiatus and returning for seasons 7-11, left the show for good ahead of season 12, which premiered in 2020. Now she moderates them rewomen podcastin which she rewatches Housewives episodes with guests like Suze Orman and Kevin Nealon.

Unfortunately for Frankel, her past comments over RHONY have come back to haunt her, and critics are coming out to rip the reality star up for capitalizing on the franchise It has been described as “poisonous” in the past. Still, Frankel doesn’t let the chatter get to her — in fact, it sounds like she thrives on it.

“It really bugs people, which means I’m doing something right,” Frankel told Yahoo Entertainment. As for specific comments from her former co-star Luann de Lesseps — who called the podcast “pathetic” — Frankel dismissed those as well.

“I mean, I don’t really spend time thinking about Luann,” Frankel told the outlet. “She spends a lot of time thinking about me. We can thank her for that, because it definitely helps [bring in listeners]. I mean, every little bit counts – even if it’s just a little bit of their audience, it helps. I appreciate all the advertising. It definitely works.”

Frankel continued to defend herself, telling Yahoo Entertainment that she was perfect as an original actress housewives Historian.

“I am very much in the success of the housewivesso I’m perfectly qualified to speak about his story,” she said.

While de Lessep’s Frankel’s new show certainly won’t turn on, RHONY Executive producer Andy Cohen isn’t too upset by her podcast, Frankel said. She admitted that Cohen was “probably a little annoyed.” rewomensaid Frankel Today with Hoda & Jenna last month that she and the Bravo manager remain friends.

“We’re total buddies and we go for walks on the beach and most of what we talk about on those walks is that housewives this city, this city, this person, this person,” she said per page six.

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