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Best Trader Joe’s Cheese | POPSUGAR food +2023

If you’re a real cheese fan then you know that Trader Joe’s cheese selection is huge. The chain’s shelves are filled to the brim with the best in blue cheese, burrata, brie, ricotta, cheddar, vegan cheese and more. From slices and spreads to tastings and out-of-the-box pairing ideas, Trader Joe’s cheese selection is filled with delicious, rich, addictive options and creative flavors that give you all the tools you need to make the tastiest charcuterie platters — them all or add them Add a delicious twist to any of your favorite recipes that need a cheesy upgrade.

If your idea of ​​a good time involves cheese bites and a glass of wine, or if you’re just plain obsessed with cheese, you’ve probably spent some time contemplating which of TJ’s many cheeses deserves a spot in your shopping cart. We’ve been there too, so we’ve rounded up the best Trader Joe’s cheeses so you know exactly what you want to have to pick up next time you’re in the market looking for a new cheese. (And yes, it was just as hard for us to narrow it down.) Keep scrolling to see which Trader Joe cheeses you’ve already tried and discover potential new favorites.

Prices and products may vary based on Trader Joe’s location.

Additional reporting from Haley Lyndes, Lauren Harano, Theresa Massony and Naomi Parris