Best Netflix Shows of 2022: Wednesday We’re All Dead, Heartstopper, First Kill and more


Best Netflix Shows of 2022: Wednesday We’re All Dead, Heartstopper, First Kill and more +2023

Charming royals. Lovesick teenagers. Dilemmas of life and death. These best Netflix shows of 2022 had it all, including the anticipated return of two of the streamer’s biggest hits: stranger things and Bridgeton.

The apocalyptic events at Hawkins brought the entire internet together. For weeks our timelines and FYPs were consumed by Eleven, Vecna ​​and Kate Bush. We picked our Vecna ​​songs, theorized over the dining table, and cried as we watched Max run away from her demons in the Upside Down. At the other end of our Netflix queues, we met the ladies of Ton having lunch and swooning over Kanthony’s romance from foes to lovers. This was also the year that teen drama emerged as the platform’s most reliable genre. From goth teens to zombie teens to serious teens (and teen Eshays), the stories of young people growing up amidst turmoil and uncertainty also spoke to a whole generation of viewers going through them.

Perhaps that’s why the best Netflix shows of 2022 offered more than escapism: they made us feel seen, each in their own way. So without further ado, let’s revisit them.

heart stopper

Despite its name heart stopper made hearts beat faster when it fell in early spring. As the weather began to thaw, viewers basked in the warmth of Charlie Spring (played by Joe Locke) and Nick Nelson’s (Kit Connor) budding high school romance. A classic relationship between friends and lovers, their relationship unfolds through a series of tender moments: lingering stares, rain-soaked kisses, and sugar-sweet snow angels.

Kit called the 8-episode show “a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community,” and while it follows some of the well-known beats of the queer experience — the fear of coming out, the reality of facing homophobia — it never loses her joy, he emphasizes the freedom of first love and self-discovery. It wraps you in its soft, soothing embrace. Based on the graphic novel by Alice Oseman, heart stopper is the kind of show that you watch simply because you refuse to exist in a world without these characters that ease your troubles and remind you that love can be something beautiful and something worth celebrating.


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we are all dead

High school can be a real nightmare. Add a horde of flesh-eating zombies to the mix, and now you have a recipe for Netflix success. we are all dead, by writer Chun Sung-il, is not your typical teen show. The Korean drama follows a group of students at Hyosan High School as they struggle to survive after a teacher’s failed experiment leads to a massive zombie outbreak in their school and surrounding area. we are all dead is a brutal watch, not only for its gory depiction of a horrifying zombie apocalypse, but for the devastation that unfolds as the group grows smaller and increasingly nihilistic, and their lives are dismissed by adults in positions of authority. Based on a webtoon by Joo Dong-geun called Now at our schoolthe series does what the zombie genre does best: dismantle any social order to reveal the rot that festers beneath.

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