Best gift ideas for women in their 30s | 2022 +2023

If you’re shopping for someone venturing into the sober, inquisitive world, the Kin Euphorics Bliss Duet ($80) is a delicious alternative that will please them. It’s a line of non-alcoholic beverages packed with nootropics and adaptogens that help you feel good in any mood, whether it’s in a social setting or for a nightcap. Also, the brand is co-founded by Bella Hadid. It comes with a bottle of Dream Light, a rich nightcap with notes of earthy oak, smoky clove and spicy cinnamon, and a bottle of High Rhode, an aperitif with notes of bitters, citrus and spices and hints of flowers.

The rosé-inspired Bloom, the soothing and relaxing Lightwave, and the Aperol-inspired Spritz are all editors’ favourites, too.

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