Before:Red After Blonde 8.0 Hair Dyeing

Is red the current hair color? You want to do your hair blond? Hair application of hair dye formula.

Hair dye brand: Koleston Perfect

Master: Stas Model: OLGA
Soft and realistic minimalism, clean, elegant shape with smooth lines.

Original Color – 77/44
regrown basal area – 8/0

Using pre-Blondor Wella hair bleach


For coloring hair model mix Koleston Perfect  9/38  + CT 0.68  + 1.9%, kept for 20 minutes and wash off


k-p-blonde-dyeing-01 k-p-blonde-dyeing-02 k-p-blonde-dyeing-03 k-p-blonde-dyeing-04


k-p-blonde-dyeing-05 k-p-blonde-dyeing-06 k-p-blonde-dyeing-07 k-p-blonde-dyeing-08 k-p-blonde-dyeing-09

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