Before:Brown Caramel After: Copper Koleston Koleston 7.43 & 88.43

Is it your hair is light brown caramel?
In fact, this practice in the first hair color: brown, blonde, red and caramel

Step 1: Begin staining procedure blond washing. (Welle Blonder)
Step 2: The painting process. Formula: Mix 7:43 and 88.43 with an oxidizing agent 6%

Step: 3 We use soft styling lotion Wella Crystal Styler

We have achieved a very beautiful copper hair color.

Master: ANASTASIA Klimenko O.    Model: Alla Ivanova Grigorevne    Photo: Malyarchuk OLGA

Koleston_7.43_88.43_ koleston_7.43_88.43-02



koleston_7.43_88.43-03 koleston_7.43_88.43-04 koleston_7.43_88.43-05 koleston_7.43_88.43-06 koleston_7.43_88.43-07 koleston_7.43_88.43-08 koleston_7.43_88.43-09 koleston_7.43_88.43-11

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