Before Very Light Blonde After Platinum

This hair color dyeing 11/0 original color (very light blond). We will do this with platinum color hair dye formula. We use olaplex. This is due to give minimum damage to the hair.

A new platinum is born on a natural level 5  Blondor 6% with tiny splash of 9% 1:2,5, processed for 15 minutes, then I applied Blondor 9% 1:3 + 1/16  olaplex the middle part (old ombré). 25 minutes without heat. Toned the roots with  Wella Color touch and Koleston perfect  10/81  10/6  7/0   1,9%  1/8 olaplexnorge for 5 min, then all over for 10 minutes.

Source : @juliejakobsenhair


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