Before ‘Firefly Lane’, Katherine Heigl didn’t know what an intimacy coordinator was


Before ‘Firefly Lane’, Katherine Heigl didn’t know what an intimacy coordinator was +2023

Katherine Heigl claimed she had never heard of working with an intimacy coordinator prior to filming Firefly Lane — and as a veteran in the business, she was initially put off by the concept.

When speaking to Business Insiderthe 27 dresses Reflecting on how the Hollywood industry has changed over the years, the actor said, “For Firefly Lanewe had an intimacy coordinator on set – a person whose job it is to make the actors comfortable in intimate scenes.”

“She would talk to directors, producers, whoever, and say, ‘This is what they’re going to do and they’re not going to do that’ — and then they don’t ask the actors again. I had never heard of this before,” she said.

As it turns out, Heigl isn’t all that different from the rest of us. After all, it wasn’t until the post #MeToo era and in anticipation of the release of the popular R-rated series that most people heard how Bridgeton, euphoria and normal people.

economic times notes that the rise of the profession occurred in 2017, which was around the same time HBO has implemented a policy require that all of their shows and films with “intimate scenes” hire an intimacy coordinator.

Unfamiliar with the process, Heigl was initially dismayed at the extra “attention” that comes with an intimacy coordinator. She said: “At first I was like, ‘Hey, I’ve been around the block a few times; I don’t need that kind of attention.” But then I thought, “Damn it! That’s the way it should be.’” She added that she now considers the profession “a blessing.”

Heigl also reflected on the importance of standing up for yourself in the “complicated industry” she works in. Despite being named “rom-com queen” in the ’00s, Heigl was the target of relentless hatred (and alleged blacklisting) after criticizing how the 2007 comedy portrayed female characters knocked openin which she starred alongside Seth Rogan and Leslie Mann and called her role “a bit sexist” in an interview vanity fair, and be loud 17 hour working days Grey’s anatomy.

Last year, she said The Washington Post that the response was alienating, saying, “I might have said a few things you didn’t like, but then that escalated to ‘she’s ungrateful,’ then it escalated to ‘she’s difficult,’ and that escalated to ‘she’s unprofessional ‘. ‘”

Regarding the backlash, Heigl told Business Insider, “It’s a complicated industry. There is a lot of money at stake, a lot of people involved and a lot of opinions that are sometimes presented as facts – so it’s very hard to stand up for yourself when there’s no one to support you. And for that you are often labeled as difficult.”

But now Heigl finds her work experience more enjoyable and credits her for the lessons she learned regarding self-advocacy and Hollywood advances. And also, she writes Firefly Trail: “It had everything I wanted for my next project: the heart, the love, the exploration of grief, and the humor,” Heigl said of the show. “I feel like this is the kind of story I want to tell.”

Firefly Lane Season 2 Part 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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