Before: Brown After Black DIY

Master: Arthur dosa


Photo: Camilla

Very successful application: I like the hair coloring. But I like haircuts the most. The girl is very nice anyway and this haircut is very suitable for the face type of the model. You can try this haircut too.

This work was trending Polaris

The original hair color: 6/0


Select the area for clarification.


Lighter ends after 20 minutes put on korni.Vremya Exposure 40min

Wash off the clarified zone


Toning with a length of 3/0 + 1/1 (5: 1) + emulsiya1.9%
Toning clarified zone 10/0 + 10/1 (1: 1) + emulsiya1.9%


Placement is made with a hair dryer and ironing, complete the image of styling wella Stay Essential Nail volos.Stepen fixation 2
Due to mild fixation retain traffic and radiant shine





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