Beauty trick: With the Italian manicure, your nails will look longer +2023

Italian manicure
This trick will make your nails look longer

The “Italian Manicure” gives the impression that the nails look longer than they are.


If you would like to have long fingernails and love to apply nail polish but break your nails too often and therefore have to be trimmed, you should try the “Italian manicure”.

You actually want to let your nails grow long and show them off with nail art or nail polish. But then it happens: a nail breaks off and they all have to be trimmed to the same length.

The Italian manicure nail polish trick makes nails look longer than they are

You don’t have to get gel nails for long nails, because there is an optical trick that will make your fingernails appear longer than they are. The method used for this is called “Italian manicure” and is the trend for 2022. You can find out how the trick works and how you can do it in the video.

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