Beauty trends 2023: that comes, that stays, that goes

Beauty trends 2023: that comes, that stays, that goes +2023

sneak peak These are the beauty trends for 2023

Beauty trends 2023: The most beautiful looks from the runway

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Shortly before the turn of the year, the anticipation of the new trends of the coming season increases. We reviewed the fashion shows in Paris, Milan and Co. and are already telling you which beauty trends are particularly popular in 2023.

The coming year has a lot in store for make-up fans: from dark statement looks to the new naturalness, everything is included. Popular beauty trends from 2022 will not lose popularity next year, but it seems that other classics are being forgotten more and more. In order not to lose the overview, we will show you in detail what is coming, what will stay and what we can do without in 2023.

The most important beauty trends for 2023 at a glance:

  • Beauty trend 2023: the no make-up look
  • Make-up trend 2023: dark lips
  • Hair Trend 2023: Grunge Hair
  • Make-up trend 2023: Dramatic Eyes

Beauty trends 2023: You can’t avoid these looks

Beauty trend 2023: The no make-up look

In the spring and summer of 2023, natural beauty will be re-celebrated. No-makeup looks have been worn up and down the runways by Ralph Lauren, Miu Miu, Fendi and Balmain. Skin care trends such as slugging, double cleansing and skin cycling put a new focus on our skin care last year and paved the way for the natural beauty look. The good thing: apart from some concealer and powder, you don’t need anything for this trend.

Beauty trend 2023: no make-up look

The new naturalness: In 2023, no-make-up looks will also be very popular.

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Make-up trend 2023: dark lips

The Netflix series “Wednesday” is right on cue just before the new year, as it is already presenting one of the hottest lipstick trends for 2023: the dark lips. labels like chanelsRochas, Fiftymade or L’Oréal swear by the gloomy lips in dark wine red or black. A tip: A bit of gloss loosens up the dark look and gives the whole thing a touch of glamor.

Beauty trend 2023: dark lips

Whether at Chanel, Rochas or L’Oréal – dark lips are back.

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Hair Trend 2023: Grunge Hair

We all know the wet look. Stars like Kim Kardashian have long been fans of the “fresh out of the shower” style. In 2023, however, this will not be worn sleekly backwards or openly on top of the crown, but rather as a wild grunge mane. A beauty trend that brings back memories of Nirvana. Seen on: Aniye Records, Dilara Fındıkoğlu, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and Enfants Riches Déprimés.

Beauty trend 2023: grunge hair

The beauty trends for 2023 are going to be a bit more rocking – even with the hair.

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Make-up trend 2023: Dramatic Eyes

The black eyeliner wing has been a popular make-up classic for years. In 2023, this may be much larger and wider. A complete border of the eye is also possible. self one Labels like Dior, known for its romantic looks is going for a dramatic look in the new year. Design houses such as Dries Van Noten, Louis Vuitton, Off White or Enfants Riches Déprimés are also fans of rocking eye make-up.

Beauty trend 2023: dark eyes

Nothing beats dark-rimmed eyes in 2023.

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These beauty looks from 2022 are also trendy in 2023

When it comes to make-up, runway shows are no longer the only trend. Thanks to TikTok and other video platforms, make-up artists and beauty lovers show their latest creations – and one or the other look goes viral. Here we tell you which beauty trends made waves in 2022 and will remain popular next year:

Make-up trends 2022/23: “Cold Girl” look

In addition to foundation hacks, blush tricks can still be found online. The last thing that went viral was the “cold girl” look, in which the rouge is applied over a large area to the cheek and ends just below the eye. It should give the impression that you’ve been walking in the cold and are just coming back into the warmth. We could also see the statement cheeks on the catwalks at Lili Blanc or Emporio Armani. However, the new blush trend does not appear to be very suitable for everyday use, because up close it looks very artificial.

Beauty trend 2023: extravagant blush

As “cold girl” makeup, strong blush hit a new high in 2022, and it’s set to continue in 2023.

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Beauty trend 2022/23 with potential: bleached brows and colorful eyeliner

Bella and Gigi Hadid bleached their brows for the Versace show, and Kendall Jenner also made a big beauty statement at this year’s Met Gala with her bleached brows. Large, bushy eyebrows appear to be giving way to thinner or blond brows in 2023. Not for everyone, but a trend that’s easy to undo with a little color, so feel free to experiment.

Beauty trends 2023: These looks are hip now

A colorful eyeliner brings variety to the beauty world of 2023.

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Another look we’ve come to love in 2022 is colorful eyeliner. Whether wide, as a cat or fox eye, there are no limits to us. Especially in spring and summer they do it colored highlights especially good on the face.

Make-up trends 2023: It works!

After so many trends, the question arises: is there something that you will no longer wear in 2023? The question cannot be answered completely, because as with every trend, not everyone has to follow it. When it comes to make-up and clothes, the following applies: you should wear whatever is fun and what you feel most comfortable in. Nevertheless, there are of course beauty looks that will be seen less or not at all in the coming year and these include nose contouring and matte lips.

Contouring is generally loosened up by the no-make-up trend and the thinly drawn noses with make-up are in great contrast to the new naturalness. Matte lips, on the other hand, can look very natural in light brown tones, but have the disadvantage that they quickly dry out the lips. As a rule, lipsticks now have a high care content, which is why shiny lips are becoming more and more popular.

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