Beauty trend 2023: The hair color brown is now outstripping blonde+2023

Bye bye blonde!
Everyone wants this hair color now

Pernille Teisbaek at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Pernille Teisbaek at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

© Christian Vierig / Getty Images

Brown hair has often been overlooked when it comes to hair trends in the past – until now! More and more it girls say goodbye to their blonde manes and go for darker colors. So make room, blond. Now comes brown!

For a long time, blonde was considered THE trend hair color. In studies, the light color has always taken first place when it comes to the most popular hair colors. And as far as the typical sex symbols are concerned, blondes like Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson were always in the majority. But is the time of blond hair over now?

Winter is just around the corner and we say goodbye to bright colors and go for muted, darker tones in the wardrobe. A trend that has recently landed on the heads of it girls and celebrities. More and more well-known personalities say goodbye to their blond hair and go for a deep brown. For some it’s a return to natural hair color, for others it’s a real one type change.

Hollywood says goodbye to blonde hair

When it comes to style, everything Hailey Bieber touches becomes trending. So apparently with her hair color. Because while the model became known with medium blonde hair and light highlights, it has been getting darker and darker on her head in recent months. Now the entrepreneur wears a dark, rich brown. A color that suits Hailey extremely well and makes her appear more natural than ever. What a type change brings a new hair color with it, also shows us Leni Klum. While she had a real doll face with long blond hair and big saucer eyes, her brown hair makes her look much more modern.

It’s also getting dark online

But it’s not just in Hollywood that the brown color is inferior to the light one shade of blonde down the rank. The it-girls from the net are also switching to the dark side. Influencer Camille brightened for a long time Charriere up her hair with blonde highlights. And also the Danish pernilleTeisbaek was known for her blonde hair. Both have recently become significantly darker. While Camille just let her highlights grow out, decided pernille deliberately for a rich brown tone at the hairdresser’s. The result: Both look fresh, modern and edgy.

That’s the advantage of brown hair

If you want to inspire with a full and long mane in light blonde, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Because no other hair color is as harmful as blonde. The constant bleaching can lead to hair loss and split ends. Intensive care is an absolute must here – Blond is therefore not a hair color for lazy people when it comes to beauty! However, a brown color often lets itself through glossing create. Advantage: many glossy colors nowadays have a nourishing effect and make the hair look healthier and even fuller. So, one more reason to give natural hair color a chance, right?


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