Beauty hacks: when is the right time to wash your hair? +2023

Morning, noon, evening?
THIS is the right time to wash your hair

Wash your hair - this is the right time

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Some wash their hair in the morning so that it is nice and fresh. The others more in the evening so that they have a better grip in the morning. But when is the best time to wash our hair?

Some belong to the faction “Shower in the evening, save time in the morning”, others rely on a morning shower to wake up properly – and wash their hair at the same time. However, we usually don’t give much thought to what is best for our hair. They need care (not over-care) to be healthy and shiny. The right time to wash your hair is also important.

Don’t wash too often

We sweat, especially on hot summer nights. It would probably be superfluous if we washed our hair in the evening. But in the morning there is often little time for excessive hair care. And if you have long hair, it will take much longer. So wash your hair in the evening to save time? It is now common knowledge that we should not wash our hair every day anyway. There are even some people who have not washed their hair for a long period of time. But we love the smell of freshly washed hair. We also feel fresher and walk around the world with more confidence when we know that everything on top of our heads looks fresh.

There is no clear answer to the question of when it is best to wash your hair. Because it all comes down to one thing: your hair type. And that is different for each of us. You have to consider this for your hair type when washing your hair:

Oily/fine hair

If you have greasy and/or fine hair, you should wash your hair in the morning. And usually every day. Because anyone who has this hair type knows: The hair quickly looks unwashed and flat again. When washing your hair, you should therefore make sure that you apply the shampoo primarily to the hairline and simply let the foam run down to the tips. Because the crux of greasy hair is often: The hairline is greasy, but the tips are dry.

Thick/curly hair

For people with thick hair, it doesn’t really matter whether you wash them in the morning or in the evening. It all depends on how you want to style them. In the evening, however, has a few advantages: There is more time to dry your hair. Curls can be tamed in the evening. In the morning it is quickly restyled.

These tips are just a rough guide. In the end, of course, it always depends on which time fits best into your daily routine.


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