Beauty hacks: 5 easy New Year’s Eve makeup that everyone can do

Beauty hacks: 5 easy New Year’s Eve makeup that everyone can do +2023

Last minute tips 5 easy New Year’s Eve makeup that everyone can do

Make-up is often particularly glamorous on New Year's Eve.  This year it should also be easy.

Make-up is often particularly glamorous on New Year’s Eve. This year it should also be easy.

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New Year’s Eve is in a few days – and with the stress of preparation, we quickly forget our make-up, because that’s allowed to be noticed on this special evening. In order to conjure up simple make-up quickly, we have selected five looks that are easy to apply and beautiful.

Elegant and special make-up always seems to take a lot of time. Time we don’t have just before the new year. It doesn’t take much to make an amazing appearance anyway, because there are simple looks that you can easily imitate. With the focus on eyes, lips or complexion, any make-up can be done in no time at all.

Make-up for the party: 5 easy New Year’s Eve looks

1. Lip service

With a bit of color on the lips, every look becomes an eye-catcher. It really doesn’t take much for the lipstick to sit well applied. A good base is most important. With a bit of lip care and a lip liner, the basis is quickly created so that the lipstick doesn’t smudge so quickly. Lipsticks in strong red are particularly beautiful, with which a wow effect can be conjured up quickly. In combination with mascara and a bit of foundation, there is a flawless and quick make-up. If you focus your makeup on the lips, feel free to keep the rest of the makeup simple. The look by Gucci, in which the lips are emphasized in a beautiful shade of red, shows how much red lipstick makes a difference.

2. Since the eyes sparkle

On New Year’s Eve it is very welcome to glitter and sparkle. Thankfully, there are plenty of eyeshadows that can give us that sparkle in our eyes. Eye makeup can take a long time, but with glitter as the main ingredient, applying it is easy. Certain accents can be set, which means that not much effort is required. Already applied only in the inner corner of the eye, a little glitter already looks chic and glamorous. If you want the whole eyelid to glitter, you can use a shimmery eyeshadow like the one in Mario Dedivanovic’s video. The stars’ make-up artist not only shows that a look can become a real eye-catcher with very little effort. He also shows that the fingers are ideal for applying the eye shadow.

3. Elegant and reserved

Less is more! You don’t need the craziest look to celebrate the new year. A little bit of everything is often just right. A reserved make-up is very elegant and so we like to focus on the right mix. A little mascara, beautifully made-up eyebrows, an earthy tone on the eyes and there you have a look that is very simple and yet beautiful. Add some blush and lip gloss and let the party begin. What’s great about it? That we don’t have to worry much about this makeup and don’t worry about something smudging or crumbling. Hailey Bieber shows how it’s done and presents a subtle make-up look that looks magically elegant with blush on the cheeks and a light eye shadow.

4. The special look

Mascara often saves us the day and provides volume, density or simply dark lashes. That’s why we also rely on our daily companion on New Year’s Eve – in combination with an eyeliner. Yes, eyeliner can become our enemy, but a small and subtle eyeliner drawn with a kajal ensures a particularly beautiful look. Olivia Culpo demonstrates it and skilfully draws attention to her eyes with eyeliner, which looks particularly sexy when gently smudged and gives the eyes a visual lift. If the eyeliner is also pulled over the lower lid, a special look is created. In combination with blush and a nude-colored lipstick, the beautiful look is rounded off.

5. Set the right highlights

If all that is not enough for us or we want to set other highlights, we can also simply focus on certain points on our face and thus follow the Dewy look. Thankfully, there are highlighters that are quick and easy to use. As a stick, powder or cream, we apply the right glow in the right places and thus make ourselves the center of attention. Highlighters work wonders, especially on the raised areas of the face. We quickly set the right accent on the cheekbones, the tip of the nose and lips, and under the eyebrows, creating a beautiful glow that is even stronger with lip gloss on the lips.


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