Beauty hack: These 3 nail polish colors are real hand flatterers +2023

Younger appearance and Co.
3 nail polish colors that have an effect on our appearance

Younger appearance and Co.: 3 nail polish colors that have an effect on our appearance

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Whether longer nails, a younger look or a jewelry update: nail polish can do much more than just look good. These three colors have a neat effect.

What nail polish am I wearing today? Choosing the right color is not only important for our clothes or make-up. Nail polishes also have different effects. You can stage our jewelry in an extra beautiful way, rejuvenate us and make us older.

These 3 nail polish colors are real hand flatterers

1. Intense red makes gold jewelry look more valuable

The color of the nail polish actually has an impact on whether our jewelery looks high quality or rather artificial. With the right color choice, fashion jewelry such as rings or bracelets can look very classy and high-quality.

Gold jewelery in particular looks particularly fine if you wear a classic or deep dark red on your nails. This is due to the strong contrast to the shimmering gold. There are no limits to the nuances in this color spectrum, but it is important not to become too light. So, stay away from coral and orange undertones.

2. Sand and light shades of brown visually lengthen fingers and nails

Long, filigree fingers and nails are not always granted. That’s no problem, of course, with the right color you can cheat nail beds and fingers to look longer and slimmer.

The optical illusion is perfected by nuances in the beige and brown spectrum! The light beige not only looks well-groomed, but also blurs the boundaries between nail and finger. The light tone underlines the width and evens out small bumps on the nail, whereas dark nuances make the nail look smaller and wider.

3. Baby pink has an anti-aging effect

Where do you first discover old age? Sometimes on the hands. After all, they are exposed to the sun all year round, which is largely responsible for our skin aging. No problem, of course, but those who want to conceal their wrinkles or age spots rely on delicate and youthful colors.

The anti-aging secret is baby pink! This pink shade may be cute, but it’s anything but cheesy. According to psychology, the bright, bright color is associated with innocence, tenderness and cuteness. So it’s no wonder that this shade quickly hides signs of aging such as pigment spots or wrinkles.


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