Beauty Fridge: Benefits of the Skincare Trend | +2023

beauty fridge
Why do we now keep our care products cold?

Beauty Fridge: Small fridge stocked with toiletries and face masks

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A beauty fridge is much more than just beautiful to look at. Here you can find out what is behind the hype about chilled care products.

There are always new trends on the beauty horizon, some of which make more or less sense. A beauty fridge definitely belongs to the former! This benefit awaits you when you serums, creams and masks cold from now on.

Farewell to bloating!

If you prefer to avoid looking in the mirror immediately after getting up, you should now pay close attention: The morning puffiness is finally over! It doesn’t matter if you had one too many drinks the night before or if sleep is just a symptom of a deficiency – the fridge is rushing to help! Because what could be nicer than that puffy face to purify in no time with a few beauty moves.

The cold of the care products has a decongestant and firming effect. If you Skincare Tools like one jade rolleror Gua Sha Stone owns, we can only recommend storing it in the beauty fridge. After just a few seconds it does it Instant effect noticeable and the skin feels vitalized. Especially in the eye area wake up the cold and you can immediately fresh and start the day clearly. In combination with a short detoxifying facial massage, the cooled tools work wonders.

Beauty fridge: which products belong in it?

Effective cosmetics are demanding: UV radiation, Air and warmth can affect the effectiveness of many products. The beauty refrigerator not only cools the products, it also protects them from UV radiation. These products are affected:

vitamin C

A Vitamin C serum is almost a must-have in every skincare routine. That antioxidantwhich strengthens the skin barrier, works against pigment spots and gives us a youthful glow, is special sensitive opposite to UV radiation and temperature fluctuations. If your serum turns dark with use, it has lost its effectiveness. Therefore always store in the fridge!


The miracle weapon of slow aging is longer effectivewhen stored refrigerated. A retinol serum should be used in the evening because exposure to sunlight would reduce its effectiveness. Therefore, UV-protected storage makes sense here too.


Chemical peels are justifiably all the rage in the beauty community. AHA (alpha hydroxy acid),BHA (beta hydroxy acid) andPHA(polyhydroxy acid) are more stable at low temperatures and perform best when chilled full effect unfold.

Natural cosmetics/DIY cosmetics

Get through contact with fingers bacteria in a cream jar. These spread less fast off if the product is stored refrigerated. In a warm environment feel bacteria probably and multiply, which in the worst case skin irritation and inflammation can lead. This applies to all cosmetic products, but especially to those formulated with few preservatives. Better to play it safe and put everything in the beauty fridge pack.

In hot temperatures – which are all too common in Germany – the makeup get lost in the beauty fridge. If products like Foundation, lipstick and Cream blush too warm forms an unsightly sweat layer: The oils separate from the water-based ingredients. To prevent this, there is a cooling always a good idea.

One refrigerator, many possibilities

Many of the beauty fridges have one mirror and even one light at the outside door. We no longer need an extra ring light: the perfect light for plucking eyebrows and applying make-up is therefore integrated.

Of the beauty fridge is also quickly staked out and for the next longer one car ride packed. The connection is often identical to that of the car. And also for BBQ parties the small fridge is a welcome helper for beverage cans.

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