Beauty abroad: We shop these 3 make-up brands on vacation +2023

beauty abroad
We shop these 3 make-up brands on vacation

Around The World Beauty Brands

These beauty treasures are hidden at your holiday destinations.

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The biggest sight on holiday? The drugstore of course! Just a joke. Of course, perfumeries and cosmetics shops are also among the big highlights of every city. Because there we come across exotic beauty brands that we unfortunately have to miss at home. These three makeup brands are worth exploring.

How nice it is that culture and norms differ from country to country. Every population has different demands – this refers to life in general, but also to the topic of beauty. What are the ideals of beauty in each country? Does the make-up have to be particularly heat or cold resistant? Beauty abroad specializes in criteria like these and thus meets the respective requirements.

Today we celebrate diversity in all its forms and are happy that we can go exploring on holiday to find new favorites. Even though the internet can dig up anything these days, these three brands are pretty damn hard to come by. So sharpen your senses and memorize them well – because you don’t want to miss out on these experiences in the form of cosmetics.

Beauty Abroad: 1. Japan – Suqqu

The Japanese are not only pioneers in technology – they are also ahead of the game when it comes to beauty and set skin care trends in particular. Hardly any Japanese:in starts the day without applying sunscreen. They are true well-aging professionals, have perfected their care routine around “Mochi Skin” and are happy about innovative active ingredients and plant extracts in their cosmetics. They also incorporate all this skin care knowledge into their makeup products. The result: probably the best foundation for dry skin – Suqqu The Cream Foundation for around 70 euros.

The extremely rich foundation melts into the skin like butter while not settling on dry areas. Not only does it cover your complexion like a second skin, after you fade it in, it is one with your skin. For oily skin types, the luxurious Japanese brand also has a liquid foundation that is less rich and gives you just as even a glow.

2. South Africa – Swiitchbeauty

This beauty brand convinces with a large selection of care products and make-up that also feels so light on the skin. You can hardly avoid the cosmetics brand Swiitchbeauty if you have chosen southern Africa as your holiday destination. The affordable products stand out for their consistency, which is almost always creamy.

Tinted lip balm, cream blush and colored eyebrow gel form the perfect basic set for everyday make-up. The formulations can be easily blended in with the fingertips and melt into the skin. The large selection of colors and the coordination of the respective nuances with all skin tones is particularly noteworthy.

3. Italy – Nevecosmetics

We don’t even need to get on a plane to get to beautiful Italy. In addition to the undeniably delicious food, a look into the beauty department is also a real feast for the eyes. If you look at Nevecosmetics, for example, it’s not just our wallets that are happy, because the quality of the products is also convincing. “The Editorial Palette” for around 33 euros is a color correcting palette that you can use to even out dark circles around the eyes or discolouration around the mouth and nose. Even red pimples are not safe from the shade of green.

The pink tone neutralizes blue discolouration under the eyes, with yellow you can brighten the under-eye area. The names of the respective colors make it easy for you, even if you are a beginner, to find out what they are used for. Simply apply with your finger and pat in, then cover with a thin layer of foundation or concealer.


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