Beautiful eyelashes: 5 make-up mistakes that you should better avoid +2023

beauty tip
5 habits that destroy our eyelashes

THIS is how you properly care for your eyelashes!

Eyelash lifting, mascara or the good old serum. What don’t we do to have beautiful, thick eyelashes. However, most modern procedures are poison for our eyelashes in the long term.

Thick and long eyelashes have always been considered the ideal of beauty – everyone wants them. No wonder, because beautiful eyelashes give every look that certain something. Is it a matter of luck to have the perfect eyelashes? Wrong thought!

Beauty tip: 5 things you should consider when caring for your eyelashes

Because with some care and routine, everyone can get beautiful eyelashes. Often we just don’t know how to properly handle the delicate hairs. We should cherish and care for them so that they can reach their full potential. We’ll show you how in the video!


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