Beautiful and original Christmas sweaters for all tastes +2023

The Christmas It’s just around the corner and we’ve already booked 25 party dresses of all styles. But, beyond the dinners and celebrations that we enjoy so much at this time of year, we also love the days at home doing a Christmas movie marathon, cooking and enjoying the company of our family and friends.

How to wear black tights in winter: 10 practical and elegant looks

To enjoy these occasions and show off our best clothes, we have compiled 12 ideal Christmas pajamas for the whole family. Following this line, today we want to share with you a selection of lovely christmas jumpers.

In the gallery you will find beautiful jumpers with which you will not go unnoticed (with brilli brilli details and even with music and lights), but also other models that are also available in small sizes, so you can share them with the smallest members of the house. .

You already know that the American tradition of the ‘ugly sweater’ is also becoming more popular in Spain and the truth is that we love this garment to attend meals and Christmas plans. Scroll down to discover our favourites!

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