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Bam Margera was hospitalized in San Diego earlier this week, reports TMZ. Bam, 43, is dealing with “a very severe case of pneumonia complicated by COVID-19,” according to the publication, which also reports donkey alum tested positive for the corona virus in the medical facilities. Doctors reportedly decided to put Bam on a ventilator while he was being treated in the intensive care unit. However, TMZ reports that Bam’s “condition is stable.”

Bam has had some health issues this year. In June, Bam was reported missing from a Florida rehabilitation center. Apparently, Bam left the “Delray Beach center” after being dissatisfied with the facility’s services and “limitations.” A few days after the initial report, TMZ reported that Bam was found “locked up in a hotel.” Authorities escorted him back to the treatment center as a court order required him to attend rehabilitation.

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In April, Bam’s mother, April Margaretshared message on Instagram (also posted on Bam’s account.) “It’s no secret that Bam has struggled with mental health and addiction. You’ve watched Bam grow up and supported him through his ups and downs. Our family has let you into the chaos that is our home, and we want nothing more than to continue this journey together.” However, April noted that “the Free Bam movement has created confusion and a threat to Bam and ours founded families. While we love sharing our lives with you, some things need to be handled privately and treatment is one of them. Recovery is difficult and is all the more under public scrutiny.”

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“Despite rumours, Bam never did [in a] Guardianship, but rather a temporary guardianship in health care for reasons not shared with the public,” the statement said. “If Bam chooses to speak up about it, he will when he’s ready. The ‘Free Bam’ theorists have encouraged him to stop treatment despite their lack of knowledge of the details, his health and well-being. We ask that you respect the process and our family. As our extended family, we ask that you support Bam in his recovery, stay on track and wish him the best in his sobriety.”

According to this hospital report, Bam is the youngest Instagram post was released on December 4th. Bam posed alongside his friend and extreme sports legend, Bucky Lasek. The Post celebrated Bucky’s birthday. “Love you Bam,” Bucky wrote in the comments. “I’m looking forward to hanging out more. PMA baby!!”

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