Natural blonde tones with micro highlights

Natural blonde tones with micro highlights


This is my beautiful client Nona.
I see her twice a year.

This look is ideal for clients who look like a natural look,

My actions for these worn-out hair are as follows.


1. 30vol highlights
At the end I balayage random pieces that are already blonde give them a quick Pop
2. Rinse
3. Balayage hairline 5 min
4. Rinse
5. I bump just the hairline with 10na + 30 vol 4 min
6. Rinse
7. Tone root 9nb+ 9n< shades EQ min to soften the grow out
8. Rinse
If you wear it stick straight u will see lil strands of dark and light. If u fluff it up a bit the colors will blend together for a solid look~

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