Back when Superman Henry Cavill faced Margot Robbie to give us an unlikely DC X Barbie crossover +2023

Henry Cavill is one of the most popular actors of our generation. When we talk about great actors in Hollywood, the list is incomplete without them man of Steel Star. The British actor has inspired countless people over the past three decades and continues to do so. On the other end of the spectrum is Margot Robbie. That suicide squad Star is one of the leading female actresses in Hollywood having starred in countless iconic films and shows.

As we all know, Cavill and Margot have never acted in a movie together. However, the two are part of one of the biggest film franchises, also known as the DC Extended Universe. In recent years, we’ve seen a number of iconic crossovers in Hollywood. Likewise, a moment that would simply go under as one of the most iconic crossovers in the film industry was between Cavill and Robbie.

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The legendary Henry Cavill and Margot Robbie crossover

Henry Cavill recently returned to the DC Extended Universe and opened up tons of new possibilities for the franchise. While we’ve never seen a Superman vs. Suicide Squad crossover, the British actor previously made a surprise visit to make that happen suicide squad Cast in 2016. What was reportedly a regular visit from the British actor to support his DC colleagues became an iconic crossover between Cavill and the Australian actress.

How we all know, Cavill is an incredibly popular actor who enjoys a huge following around the world. But interestingly, during the event, the Enola Holmes star stood in a long line to get Robbie’s autograph. However, the star donned a mask to avoid being noticed by fans. Elsewhere in the video, other actors in the cast, including Will Smith, were very excited to meet the Man Of Steel star. Before that, in 2016, DC fandom even got a chance to catch the star-studded Justice League vs. Suicide Squad reunion in the UK.

How did the fans react?

The iconic meeting between Margot Robbie and Cavill left fans in awe. In addition, some fans also had hilarious reactions.

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