Back when showrunner Lauren Hissrich explained the psychology behind one of The Witcher season 1’s most raunchy scenes starring Henry Cavill +2023

When Yennefer of Vengerberg inquired, “I know your kind, witcher. I thought you had fangs or horns or something.” to Geralt, Henry Cavill gracefully replied: “I dropped them.” And this meticulous exchange of dialogue between the greatest sorceress and the mighty monster slayer marked the beginning of their amazing and irresistibly raunchy relationship. Yes, we’re actually talking about the fan-favorite Netflix fantasy drama, The Witcher.

Showrunner Lauren Hissrich must have been smitten with the Andrzej Sapkowski books to write such a compelling drama with beautiful swordplay from none other than the British actor, who is a nerd for both the books and the video game. Although not many liked the idea of ​​casting Cavill, they doubted his acting ability; the whole world knows now He was the man for the job.

Not only his amazing warrior skills, but also Cavill’s physique has become a feast for the eyes. And when we talk about it, how can we forget that the shaking bathtub scene with Anya Charlotte in Season 1?

Lauren Hissrich once broke down Henry Cavill’s bathtub scene from The Witcher

Let’s turn the clock arrows in the opposite direction and transport ourselves to the very first season of Cavill’s medieval monster hunting mayhem. It was the sensually evocative bathtub scene when fans first saw Geralt and Yennefer together. Hissrich once explained this along with the show’s executive producer Frost or rebirth of the character as a new self was one of the main themes of the show. While Yennefer is a visceral journey, Geralt’s journey of rebirth is a slower process.

She also spoke about the shot when Geralt is in the bath “Fans have been searching and waiting.” The showrunner explained that they were “The two people who are determined not to need people and don’t want people in their lives. And then they cut each other.” As Tomek Bangiski would say: it was only the beginning of their story, but very stormy indeed.

Years and one more season later, we now know that we only have one more season of Cavill’s Geralt before Liam Hemsworth takes over.

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