Baby Shower Games For Men |  POPSUGAR family


Baby Shower Games For Men | POPSUGAR family +2023

Coed baby showers are becoming more and more common, and we couldn’t be following the trend anymore. After all, why not invite everyone to celebrate the two expectant parents? If you are planning to include a father-to-be or other men in your celebrations, you might reconsider the usual baby shower game ideas to include some games for everyone. Not that men can’t join the diaper change race blindfolded or rock for pacifiers, but some baby shower activities leave men out. However, the following 12 easy baby shower ideas break the gender stigma of shower games and are enticing enough to interest everyone on your guest list, making them perfect for both traditional and co-ed showers.

From bottle chugging to pregnant twister, these fun baby shower games are really fun and entertaining for everyone. Preview some of the best coed baby shower games that will make everyone’s day unforgettable.

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