‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ producer hits back at Ryan Gosling’s year-long SNL parody +2023

The 2009 film directed by James Cameron avatar was one of the greatest film projects of all time. The flick took sci-fi animation to a whole other level, giving us a cinematic experience like no other. The fact that Cameron spent thirteen years perfecting the film is evident in the inexplicable beauty of the people of Na’vi and the cinematic brilliance of Pandora. avatar in 2009 had a tremendous impact on everyone from moviegoers to filmmakers, setting the standards for a good cinematic experience far too high.

We can all sit down and chat about the film’s meaningful storytelling and intriguing characters. But if you just started ranting about the font that a movie masterpiece chose, you would quickly be called insane. However, thanks to a pre-taped SNL sketch starring Oscar-winning actor Ryan Gosling, fans noticed that the Oscar-winning film used a font as common as “papyrus” for its title.

Ryan Gosling’s Avatar parody reached Avatar: The Way of Water headquarters

In 2017, SNL dropped a skit that followed a man approaching insanity as no one around him shared the same feelings he did regarding the choice of the cover typeface in 2009 avatar Movie. From turning the table in his therapy session to stalking the graphic designer, Gosling forgets the fact that the designer “thoughtless” enough to choose the Papyrus font for an international blockbuster film.

Well, if we were James Cameron and we spent thirteen years of our lives on a film that was a step ahead of technology in terms of sophistication, and someone randomly picked the Papyrus font that anyone can find on their computer for the title , we would be drunk.

But Cameron has no qualms; In fact, he was a fan of the font. That titanic The director even joked about Gosling and his obsession with the typeface. But with the upcoming sequel, the Avatar: The Way of Water Crew cleaned the air on the papyrus writing.

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Producer Jon Landau narrates ET that the new film created a font for itself called “Toruk”. And while it wasn’t because of the SNL skit, the producer said the skit hinted at how impactful the film was. It’s always the little things.

Avatar: The Way of Water hits theaters on December 16th. And luckily for us, the title font isn’t papyrus.

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