Aura Nails: With this nail trend we show our feelings +2023

Aura Nails
With this nail trend we show our feelings

Aura Nails from a London nail salon

Aura Nails from a London nail salon


Mysterious, mystical and the tailor-made nail trend for all astrology fans: Aura Nails! Here we explain how we integrate the colorful, personal styles into our manicures and what is behind the designs.

How we feel inside is also visible on the outside. That’s a simple rule that always applies: if we’re doing well, you can feel it. If we are doing badly, we can see it — and not just on skin and hair. Our emotional state can also be seen from our energy field, which lies completely invisibly around us. The emotions, problems, the state of health and also the personality can be found here. Provided one is able to see the aura in colors, which for many is still transparent. But don’t worry, reading the aura can be learned.

How do I see my aura?

With a little patience you can recognize the colors of your own energy field. Of course you have to get involved with the spiritual topic. All you need to read is a white wall, in front of which you stand at a distance of two to three meters. Then, rub hands firmly to center the energy. Then stay strong for a moment and hold your hands in front of the wall. Et voilà, after five minutes a multi-faceted ring of color can be seen!

What do the aura colors mean?

Different meanings are assigned to the individual colors. Depending on how intensely a color can be seen in the energy field, the more pronounced this proportion is for us. Particularly exciting: Of course you can also choose the individual colors for the manicure yourself. If you choose particularly positive paints, you can support your own charisma.

  • Red: Vitality, strength, vitality
  • Orange: Enlightenment, humor, health
  • Violet: Spirituality, power, vanity
  • Green: Nature, balance, harmony
  • Yellow: Intelligence, optimism, inspiration
  • Blue: Freedom, trust, contentment
  • Brown: Despondency, self-restraint, dishonesty
  • Black: Lack of energy, energy wounds, contamination of the aura

How do I follow the aura manicure trend?

For the cool look we grab at least two nail polishes that were either determined by the Aura test or just look harmonious. From bright to subtle to pastel-colored looks, everything is allowed. And not much more is needed; just a small sponge and some base and top coat.

  1. First, the cuticles are removed and the nail is prepared with a base coat.
  2. Then the first nail polish is dabbed onto the middle of the nail with the help of the sponge.
  3. The second color is now applied around the first dab of color on the sponge. Then it’s time to dab carefully! Because the first color circle should not be covered by the other color. However, a smooth transition is still important, as this is the only way to create an almost real aura effect.
  4. Don’t forget the top coat at the end, it gives shine and the result lasts longer.


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