Audrina Patridge Hair Color

Audrina Patridge born in 1985 in a very beautiful woman. She likes to use different hair colors. I especially would follow her hair color. Ash blond, caramel, peach using the ombre hair color. Directions to White Toner and peach hair color can achieve the hair color. Audrina-Patridge-1 Audrina-Patridge-2 Audrina-Patridge-3 Audrina-Patridge-4 Audrina-Patridge-5 Audrina-Patridge-6 Audrina-Patridge-7 Audrina-Patridge-8 Audrina-Patridge-9 Audrina-Patridge-10 Audrina-Patridge-11 Audrina-Patridge-12 Audrina-Patridge-13 Audrina-Patridge-14

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