Attention to the color of the highlights of Catherine Zeta-Jones because they will be the trend of 2023 +2023

If we recently told you how the brown hair was going to be the fall hair colorby the hand of Catherine Zeta-Joneswe know what the tone of trend highlights in 2023 that more followers have (especially among brunettes).

Hazelnut melting wicks

The new hazelnut melting wicks from Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The new hazelnut melting wicks from Catherine Zeta-Jones.GTres Online.

Although brown this season rules over blondes, for brunettes there is a wide variety of wicks to soften the features and take advantage of look change facing the start of the year with a different but very flattering image. And that is precisely what Catherine Zeta-Jones is now demonstrating, who is launching melting wicks that bring light to the face and feel wonderful to the mature skin. He tells us Ana Baladsalon stylist In Viso Hair Design of Madrid: “they were highlights made with the balayage melting techniquein hazelnut tones either gloss hazelnut, which blend with the rest of the brown mane. These balayage wicks are perfect for illuminating brown hair, since, by melting, they add luminosity to the contours of the face.”

The best wicks to illuminate the skin

By merging with her chaste mane

Blending into her brown hair, the highlights Catherine Zeta-Jones now wears don’t require as much upkeep at the salon.GTres Online.

Also, this type of wicks They are the best option to illuminate long brown hair such as Catherine Zeta-Jones They are balayage highlights in caramel or hazelnut tones that provide light and movement because they combine perfectly with dark bases. “For the most daring, we also recommend highlights in a copper tone, which, although they are the least sought after, usually look very good and are very flattering. Others that we also recommend for brunettes are mocha balayage highlights with violet, copper and ash tones,” she points out. Ana Sorianoco-director of David Knzle Fuencarral. But what is clear is that the hair tones that will set the trend next year will undoubtedly be warm, natural browns and highlights as elegant as these, in addition to the vanilla blondeswith subtle contrasts, with honey and even copper nuances.

An easy-to-maintain hair color

Another advantage of these new Catherine Zeta-Jones wicks is that they are similar to their base tone require less maintenance at the salon although being a dyed hair requires of care frequent to avoid that it spoils because the fiber of this will always tend to the dehydration. Therefore, nothing like honey and hazelnut reflections for brunettes with this natural gradient that merge with our hair base.

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