Asphaltgold sets an example with the anti-racism campaign on Black Friday

Asphaltgold sets an example with the anti-racism campaign on Black Friday +2023

Political engagement instead of consumption Asphaltgold is launching an anti-racism campaign on Black Friday

Asphaltgold uses Black Friday for a good cause to stand up against racism.

Asphaltgold uses Black Friday for a good cause to stand up against racism.


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November 25, 2022

Asphaltgold sets an example with its Black Friday campaign

Black Friday was invented to boost retail sales just before the New Year and Christmas season. Attractive discounts lure consumers to spend larger sums. The streetwear online shop Asphaltgold does not want to take part in the battle of offers, but rather uses the popularity of the day to draw attention to a social problem. The shop page says: “On Black Friday we do things differently: In 2022 we want to use the increased attention of Black Friday for a good cause. With our anti-racism statement ‘We all walk the same earth.’ we want to create awareness for the togetherness on our planet.”

As in the past, the company offers exclusive t-shirts, the proceeds of which are donated to the European Network Against Racism. The special feature of this year’s shirt: On the one hand, the charity piece is available with a print in 15 languages, on the other hand there will be no limited edition of it. The shirts can be pre-ordered from November 25th up to and including November 27th at a price of 39 euros (plus shipping costs), which will then be produced “on demand”.

November 23, 2022

Ecoalf: A counter-action to Black Friday

Every year on Black Friday there are incredible percentages for a wide variety of labels and brands, which increases consumption immensely. We buy things that we might not even need just because they seem cheaper. In the end we own more and don’t know what to do with all the tools, clothes or decorative items. Ecoalf also recognizes this problem. According to the company, every second a garbage load full of clothes that are no longer worn is burned. The reason for this is the change in consumer behavior, because fast fashion means that clothes are bought much more frequently and thus disposed of more quickly.

To counteract this, Ecoalf is calling on its community to report on how they are taking action against “rapid consumption”. They want to focus on the impact of such a day and therefore do not offer percentages. They are much more concerned with changing habits, says Javier Goyeneche, founder of Ecoalf. The project will expand in the spring, when the “Re-Sell” campaign will start, in which customers can return clothing from the brand so that it can be sold again. This extends the durability of the clothes.

November 22, 2022

An important message: This is how gold mining becomes safer

When we decide on a new piece of jewelry, we usually don’t think about where the gold or silver actually comes from, let alone how it is mined. Gold mining is often an environmentally unfriendly process as the operation uses toxic chemicals such as mercury, cyanide and arsenic, which can be released into the air, soil and water when the metal is extracted. In addition, uranium, which is radioactive and therefore toxic, is often found near gold.

Fejn jewelry would like to draw attention to these circumstances, because not only is mining dangerous, the working conditions of the miners are also bad, as they mainly work in illegal mines. On Black Friday, the label is campaigning against this with a special campaign. They donate 50 percent of all proceeds to the Earthbeat Foundation, which supports the workers so they can build a better life. In doing so, Fejn jewelry follows its own approach of finding sustainable decisions and ways of consumption.

November 21, 2022

Bruna: The power of giving back

On Black Friday, labels and shops throw percentages around. The jewelery label Bruna goes one step further – and gives something back to the environment with a special campaign. The responsible fine jewelry label celebrates Give Back Friday.

From November 24th, customers will also get 20% off all pieces of jewelry store-wide and with early access online even from November 23rd, but what is much more important: every purchase on Give Back Friday comes proportionately to the sustainable beekeeping project of Jane Goodall Institute Austria (JGI Austria).

Sweet smiley ring by Bruna, 129 euros

Sweet smiley ring by Bruna, 129 euros


The project aims to preserve the forests and wildlife in Uganda by promoting beekeeping as an alternative and sustainable livelihood. It is well known that bees play a crucial role in the future of our planet. Without bees, there is no biodiversity on which humanity depends for survival.

Shop jewelry, save money and give something back to the environment – it couldn’t be better!

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