Artful Living – Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Models +2023

Photos by Bryan Villacres
Wardrobe/styling by Dominic Ciambrone, Surgeon + Nahmias
Style Assistant: Christian Ferreti
Key makeup by Dominique Lerma

There is no child living with spotless textbooks. Scribble in the margin while half-heartedly trying to pay attention is a rite of passage for any student. Brittany Byrd was no exception as she would spend hours drawing and doodling. While most people’s efforts were rewarded with an afternoon scrubbing whiteboards in detention, Byrd’s doodles left a lasting impression at her school.

“In fifth grade, I told my elementary school (Crescent Heights Elementary in Los Angeles) that their logo was weak,” says Byrd. “Those were exactly my words. This logo sucks. Then I set about drawing new graphics by hand. I’ve always been in unity, community, tribe. I was always in touch with spirituality even as a little kid and the logo turned out to be a drawing of a young me holding up the whole world with all my friends my homies helping behind me.

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