Ariana Grande returns to your house for Christmas in the form of (two) perfumes, and becoming the perfect gift for these holidays +2023

If you are a fan of Ariana Grande and monopolize her movements in detail, you are in luck. The artist tries her luck again in the world of perfumery and it does so with two new fragrances that arrive in time for Christmas. Under the name of MOD, this collection has everything to accompany us 24/7 and captivate the whole world with delicate aromas and delicious.

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Inspired by modernity, freedom of expression and individuality, this set of fragrances represents the popularized subculture of 1960s London. In this way, they want to become a sensory experience that brings to life the modern energy of the time.

What does Ariana Grande’s MOD Vanilla smell like?

Modern, sensual, innovative. There are many ways to describe this new creation, and all of them are good adjectives that add a lot of expectation to trying it. It is an expressive and brilliant fragrance that will linger by our side for many hours.

Ariana Grande Mod 02
  • Departure Notes. Pink freesia, musk and plum.
  • Heart. Praline and orris root.
  • Background Notes. Vanilla and coconut.

What does Ariana Grande’s MOD Blush smell like?

Fruity and floral, this perfume has everything to make all five senses fall in love from the first contact. Intriguing, vibrant and rich, this version is presented in a pink container in the purest millennial style.

Ariana Grande Mod 04
  • Departure Notes. Bergamot, pink pepper, passion fruit (passion fruit) and raspberry.
  • Heart. Rose, magnolia and pear.
  • Background Notes. Sandalwood, musk, Dreamwood and ambroxan.

Despite the fact that for the moment the collection was launched exclusively on and will be available in Ulta Beauty stores in the United States from December 11, following the strategy of the past makeup collection or the singer’s other perfumes , this duo will arrive in Spain very soon at the hands of Douglas.

Ariana Grande Mod 03 Jpeg

For years the artist has been conquering us with her perfumes (and her packaging). In this way, Cloud, Thank u next (like her famous album), REM or Ari have swept her fan community.

Ariana Grande Perfume 30 ml

Ariana Grande Perfume 30 ml

PARFÉM Ariana Grande Thank U Next W, 50 ml

PARFÉM Ariana Grande Thank U Next W, 50 ml

Thank U, Next (CD).
Ariana Grande REM Eau de Parfum 50ml Spray

Ariana Grande REM Eau de Parfum 50ml Spray

Ariana Grande Ari Eau de Parfum Spray (30ml)

Ariana Grande Ari Eau de Parfum Spray (30ml)

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