Are you ready for 2023 with the Christmas Tree? +2023

The most fun-filled month of the year has finally arrived. Almost the whole world takes on a common joy on New Year’s Day. As we embark on an exciting new path, many people around the world are wishing for the first days of the new year. Accompanying us at home while doing all these Christmas tree We will share decoration tips with you. As you embark on a new path with a colorful and sparkling tree, we hope that your wishes shine at least as much as your tree. If you wish, let’s take a look at the small details of how to decorate the Christmas tree together.

How to Decorate the Christmas Tree?

How about decorating a sparkling Christmas tree that you can decorate according to your taste and design? In this section, we will give you a few tips on how to decorate the Christmas tree. First of all, you need to get a Christmas tree of the size you want. It will be much more fun and beautiful to decorate a large tree. You should supply your favorite ornaments for your tree, which will be designed entirely according to your taste. After decorating your Christmas tree with the intensity you want, you should definitely not forget to wrap the tiny lamps around your tree, which you should definitely add and will brighten your night. In addition to all these, you should not forget to attach your golden star to the top of your tree. If you wish, let’s examine together when to start decorating the Christmas tree.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

When to Start Decorating the Christmas Tree?

Decorating the Christmas tree is a traditional ritual according to some countries. As a matter of fact, in our country and today, it is made into entertainment by many families and decorated every year. Alright, Christmas tree when to start decorating? Let’s take a look together if you want. You can decorate the Christmas tree at any time after the start of December. Although it is believed that it should be decorated until Christmas night in different countries, there is a time to decorate until the night of 31 December in our country. And as of January 1, you can remove your tree for the next year at any time without damaging it.

When to Start Decorating the Christmas Tree

Why Decorate a Tree on New Year’s Eve?

The Christmas tree appears as a ritual of the Pagans. At the same time, using a Christmas tree without falling leaves seems to be a symbol of immortality by some civilizations. Many evergreen trees, especially the pine tree, are decorated according to their beliefs. It is also believed to be the symbol of the sun god, as trees are worshiped in Pagan culture. The most well-known decorative object of Christmas trees is the golden star, which is why it is placed at the top of the trees. In other words, the reason for decorating the Christmas tree varies according to many beliefs.

Why Decorate a Tree on New Year's Eve

Where Does Christmas Tree Decoration Come From?

Used entirely as entertainment and visual feast in our country. Christmas tree decoration is thought to come from western Germany. In the middle of the 16th century, the Christmas tree was discovered based on the Christmas pyramid and the trees of paradise, and its popularity has increased gradually until today. According to another research, there was a tradition of tree decoration in ancient Turkish societies. He discovered that there is a similarity between the life cycle of the tree and the natural course of his own life, and he saw some trees as symbols of life and eternity because a tree renews itself from season to season. They still show their faith by hanging symbols such as rags and votive cloths on some trees.

Is It a Sin to Decorate a New Year Tree?

Although the Gregorian Calendar is used today, the main New Year of Muslims is the New Year in which the Hijri Calendar is used. The new year of the Hijri Calendar is revived with prayers and worship. When we look at the statements of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, it is stated that it is not permissible to decorate pine trees. However, it is not a sin in our country because the Christmas tree is decorated only for entertainment, show and image, not believing. In our country, such days are used for entertainment purposes only.

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