Are Miriam Haart and Nathalie Ulander still together? +2023

My unorthodox life Season 2 finally arrived on Netflix in December 2022 and shot straight into the top 10 TV show rankings as fans caught up on all the drama they’ve missed since Season 1 debuted in July 2021. and Impressive there was a lot of drama to catch up on!

In the second season of the reality series My unorthodox life picks up after Julia Haart’s divorce from husband Silvio and her removal as CEO from her companies. Meanwhile, Haart’s children continue to go their own way.

Miriam Haart, Julia Haart’s second youngest child, prominently puts her relationship with Nathalie Ulander in the foreground My unorthodox life Season 2. As they watch the new episodes, fans could bond with the couple and wonder what the future holds for them.

Are Miriam Haart and Nathalie Ulander still a couple after the cameras stopped rolling in Season 2? Here’s the latest update on where the couple stands now and if they could still be together if Netflix renews the series for a third season.

Are My Unorthodox Life’s Miriam Haart and Nathalie Ulander still together?

On December 6th, 2022 Miriam Haart posted a short film Videos on Instagram with the caption, “Watching me and my ex make mad love on Netflix.” The Stanford grad and podcast host confirmed that she and Nathalie Ulander had officially split after more than a year together.

Haart and Ulander first went public with their relationship with an Instagram post in July 2021 after Haart came out as bisexual in the first season of My unorthodox life. The reality series’ second season explores Haart’s relationship with the Swedish tennis player.

The couple celebrated theirs first anniversary in March 2022, but followers soon recognized the possibility that Haart and Ulander would quit shortly thereafter. Haart first addressed the rumors on Instagram in June 2022, and confirmed the split with the post on December 6.

Thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between the exes as they both attended the premiere party My unorthodox life Season 2 (even take a picture together) and they still follow each other on Instagram.

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