Another Day, Another Ban: Kanye West is kicked out of the clubhouse after his controversial interview, further adding to his long list of banned social media apps +2023

Kanye West has managed to get banned again. While the rapper has always been known for his controversial stances, he really did put people to the test with his anti-Semitic comments. Instead of an apology, the rapper appears to be doubling down on his opinion. The first instance began with the “Deathcon 3 for Jews” Comment and reached with him, admiring Hitler.

The singer’s Twitter account was reinstated after Elon Musk bought the platform, but was canceled after his comments on the Jewish community. He also gave an interview with Wack 100 for the Clubhouse platform, reiterated his opinion and got himself banned from the page.

What did Kanye West do to get banned this time?

Celebrities have already criticized Ye for his comments. He is now actively being stopped from spreading anti-Semitic views. The rapper hasn’t stopped with his narrative although he lost his billionaire status as a result. He recently gave an interview with 100 Wack on Clubhouse, and the Q&A session got so controversial that he had to be banned.

A session of approximately 56 minutes was held, with admission of $20 per person. His Adidas deal and rivalry with Ari Emanuel, Endeavor’s Jewish CEO, were also discussed. But the boiling point came when Ye came up with a rather bizarre theory about the community.

According to West, Jews are being used by Chinese to control blacks, adding that Jews “are just intermediaries.” In the same interview, the rapper also dug up Meek Mill for his earlier comments about Ye. The platform issued its statement on the matter by stating: “We took action yesterday to end a conversation for violating our policies.” They clearly stated that according to their community guidelines, the platform has zero tolerance for bullying, hate speech, or abuse.

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The concern here is that continuing Yes’s tirades could serve to garner extremist supporters and normalize the notion of anti-Semitic sentiments among the young crowd. This has sparked debate about the fine line between freedom of expression and freedom to commit crimes.

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