Anne Igartiburu surprises wearing a basic cardigan in the most rejuvenating way at 50 +2023

Every time we see one of our celebrities with a basic look it is inevitable for us to share it with you. We love that you use those simple, versatile garments that last for years in the closets to create looks with which to look great on a day-to-day basis. The one who has just done it has been Anne Igartiburu. The presenter has conquered us with the way she has worn her cardigan because it cannot be more rejuvenating.

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The most modern mix of basics by Anne Igartiburu

Anne Igartiburu, while she has prepared for one of those work days that fortunately she is not missing, has let us see part of her basic look. The presenter, to combat the drop in temperatures with a lot of style, has put on a white cardigan that looks super tasty. Because of its fabric, it is sure to be very warm, and its color makes it a very versatile garment which also brings a lot of light to the face.

Anne Igartiburu

Anne Igartiburu

Anne Igartiburu with cardigan and jacket.

When combining This white cardigan by Anne Igartiburu allows many possibilities in terms of types of garments and colors. With basic t-shirts, with sweaters, with blouses, with the most varied shades because white goes with everything… With a garment like this you can wear anything underneath because it will look good no matter what. And pay attention to the original idea that she has left us, because it is a modern and flattering combo. The presenter has put on a denim jacket underneath and has created like this a beautiful and groundbreaking contrast.

What Anne Igartiburu has not let us see is what has he brought from below, but what is clear is that you have many options to finish off this rejuvenating combo. Because the mix of cardigan and jacket that the presenter has worn looks great With jeans, with black dress pants, with a skirt… And as for footwear, the same thing happens. Whether with boots, ankle boots or sports-style sneakers, You will be able to complete your look with whatever you want because the result will be just as ideal.

Anne Igartiburu adds to the tricks to go informal and elegant this winter

With this mix, Anne Igartiburu has taken us to what Piluka de Echegaray, our expert in personal image, stylist and fashion consultant, told us a few days ago about the tricks to dress comfortable as well as elegant this winter. We remind you five of them to which the presenter has joined with her proposal:

  • I bet you basic bottom of closet.
  • invest in parts off-road and quality.
  • Versatile and easy to combine garments They will solve any look.
  • The neutral colors they never fail.
  • combine trend clothes with timeless garments.

We copy the basics of Anne Igartiburu

We liked Anne Igartiburu’s proposal so much for relaxed moments or for off-road days in which you can look casual, that we bring you a proposal jacket and cardigan from El Corte Inglés for you to combine.

White cardigan from El Corte Inglés
The English Court (REF-001041567502749)

White cardigan from El Corte Inglés

White cardigan from El Corte Inglés.

El Corte Inglés denim jacket.
The English Court (REF-001029324110435)

El Corte Inglés denim jacket.

El Corte Inglés denim jacket.

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