Anne Igartiburu already has the most rejuvenating Bimba y Lola bag that will sweep the 50-year-olds by 2023 +2023

The choice of bag is essential in a look and sometimes we do not give it the importance it has. It is key to choose an accessory that gives personality to the look, that rounds it off and that makes the whole outfit make more sense and always with an eye on trends. Anne Igartiburu has given us a style lesson on the importance of accessories on Instagram with her latest post, as well as reminding us that when it’s cold it’s not just black or brown bags. You are going to fall in love with her Bimba y Lola bag.

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Bimba y Lola is one of the most desired accessories brands in our country and they have created a trend since they launched their first bags thanks to a youthful, modern and current style. In its new collection there are really striking and beautiful models without losing its practical and wearable point and it fits in all wardrobes. We saw Carmen Lomana a few days ago with a perfect basic look and now Anne Igartiburu. Her bag will be the most desired by all women in 2023 but especially among those over 50 for its rejuvenating color and the joy it gives to the look. A very versatile bag with which, without a doubt, you can compose your best more or less informal looks.

Anne Igartiburu

The Bimba y Lola bag by Anne Igartiburu, the most desired for 2023

The Anne Igartiburu bag belongs to the most sought after line this season both for its color and its shape. It is a trapeze-style bag with velvet fabric in a very striking and vibrant fuchsia pink color that fills any look with vitality. It is a shoulder bag but it has a chain to carry it on the shoulder or by hand and it has the brand’s logo on a plate, which has already become a hallmark of the firm. In addition, it is made with 100% recycled polyester. It is a look that is now a trend but, in reality, never goes out of style and It is ideal to rejuvenate and revive any basic and simple look.

Bimba y Lola fuchsia pink bag
Bimba and Lola (222BBCJ6E.T2306), €235

How has Anne Igartiburu combined her fuchsia Bimba y Lola bag?

Anne Igartiburu has reinforced a special but linear look with the choice of her bag, a model that is capable of rejuvenating any outfit beyond 40 and 50 years. Her color has been and is the top trend and always gives a special touch to flatter outfits. In the case of the presenter, a very elegant bottle green jacket suit. Anne has played with the color block trend which, yes, is also worn (and a lot) in autumn and winter.

Being a shoulder bag, it is perfect to wear on a daily basis with simple jeans and a white shirt and a sweater or jacket, but also can be worn with the chain shoulder strap with a black dress more elegant to go to a dinner at night.

It also goes great with any black or white coat. Fuchsia, always so colorful, combines with all kinds of colors, from the most neutral to the most intense, such as orange or purple. Learn to combine it and raise the level of your looks.

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