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After months of legal wrangling with Anne Hecheis ex james tupper, 57, her eldest son Homer Laffoon, 20, has gained control of his late mother’s estate. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge granted Homer control of the property on Wednesday, November 30, despite James’ ongoing objections and claims that her $200,000 worth of jewelry “disappeared.” The Daily Mail. Anne’s son is now the permanent “General” Administrator, although James (who is the father of Homer’s younger brother Atlas Tupper, 13,) had campaigned to appoint an “independent” administrator instead. Homer is the son of Anne and her ex, the cameraman Coleman “Coley” Laffoon.

Anne Heche and son Homer
Anne Heche is pictured with ex James Tupper and sons Homer Laffoon and Atlas Tupper. (SplashNews)

“We believe the court arrived at the correct conclusion this morning, both legally and equitably, and are glad to have this phase of the process behind us,” Homer’s attorney said HollywoodLife in an opinion. “Now that Mr. Tupper’s allegations and objections have been resolved, we hope administration of the estate can proceed without unnecessary complications.”

The decision ends months of legal battles between the two parties following the shocking death of Anne, who died aged 53 after her blue Mini Cooper crashed horribly into a house on August 5. After the fiery collision, Anne “suffered a severe anoxic brain injury” and fell into a coma after undergoing treatment for burns. The actress was on life support but was pronounced dead in the state of California on August 12 and was taken off life support on August 14. Her remains were later cremated on August 23 and taken to Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Homer had previously been named his half-brother’s legal guardian in an October 11 ruling, also over James’ objections. “We are pleased – but not surprised – by the court’s ruling this morning denying James’ application to appoint himself as Atlas’s best practice officer,” said Homer’s attorney HollywoodLife back then. “We look forward to the court deciding Homer’s application at the next hearing, and in the meantime, Homer will continue to diligently administer the estate in accordance with his powers as special administrator.”

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