Andy Cohen opens up about the ‘awkward’ introduction Meghan Markle gave him on Archetypes +2023

Although the archetypes are over, the controversies about them are not. In fact, we wouldn’t be wrong to say that this time around, after its closure, most of the speculation about the podcast in its entire lifetime has happened. From Meghan Markle’s media-provoking cryptic statements to claims from guests like Andy Cohen, Archetypes has been blasting the headlines since Tuesday.

Meghan Markle had some big socialites like The daily News‘s Trevor Noah and Andy Cohen of Bravo TV. In the great cultural talk, they had an intellectual exchange about their main agenda. In fact, they also talked about the big influential shows hosted by these brilliant men. While it seemed like a perfect conclusion to the podcast, things got a little too twisted after its conclusion.

Andy Cohen opens up about his interaction with Meghan Markle

Aside from their session, Andy Cohen’s confessions about the platform on his own show have added to the outside noise. After a pleasant chat with the Duchess, Cohen made some notable remarks about Markle the next day. The Wednesday episode of SiriusXM Show, Andy Cohen is alive revealed how he felt”unpleasant‘ after Markle introduced him to the session.

On the podcast, Markle insisted that she and Cohen have met twice before. Although the Real housewives The host didn’t seem to remember, Markle pressed to remember. In his Wednesday episode, Cohen admitted that “she (Meghan Markle) was cheerful when she told me…”. However, it only made him feel worse, he added, recalling how the host had refused Markle an appearance on his WWHL IN 2015.

Cohen confessed what it was like to refuse Markle to be an official guest at his talk.the biggest mistake in the show’s 13 years“. Cohen admits his mistake and says he totally understands why Markle would throw that in his face. Cohen and Noah reportedly made the cut to be two of the three men on Markle’s platform. With them season 1 of archetypes is officially complete. Further updates of the same have also surfaced regarding a dubious but possible second season.

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