Amid dating rumors with Gigi Hadid, Leonardo DiCaprio is “hiding his face” after partying with models in Miami +2023

While dating is difficult in this day and age, it’s actually harder to keep it private. However, being a public figure; it is much more difficult than we can even imagine. After the separation from camila morrone, Rumor has it it’s Leonardo DiCaprio appointment with the Vogue model, Gigi Hadid. While neither actor has confirmed their relationship, the media has caught them getting cozy on several occasions.

But the two celebrities’ recent moves might make you question their relationship status. With the recent report, it seems like both celebrities are dating. But supposedly, the titanic Fame and the American model have been spending time together ever since Sep 2022. The media also spotted the couple coming out of a restaurant after having dinner. They tried to cover their faces, but who couldn’t recognize Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid? Meanwhile new reports also shown the Wall Street Star with group of models partying in Miami.

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Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted partying in Miami without Gigi Hadid

DiCaprio was spotted in Miami an Art Basel-related event that celebrated 40th Anniversary of Stone Island. Just before the night of partying, the Oscar winner tried to hide his face and the next day the media spotted him hanging out with him Toby Maguire. According to the source, the actor left after midnight and headed straight to a private table. While enjoying his time in the VIP area, he was joined by several models and friends. Interestingly, the Golden Globe Award-winning actor chatted with him beautiful models in the absence of Gigi Hadid.

However, people really made an effort to get close to him. But in the VIP area, the actor listened to music DJ JamieXX. Well, after ending his five-year relationship with Camila Morrone, the American actor appeared to have been enjoy His time. Though he seems to have enjoyed his time with Gigi Hadid, too.

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While these two aren’t exclusive, Leonardo DiCaprio also went to a Halloween party with Bella Hadid and her sister. However, celebrities spend time in New York City whenever they can. Even if it’s not official, her fans are there Shy seeing these two together.

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