Amid claims that Harry and Meghan are being hounded by the press, Kate Middleton’s video of her being called a “who*e” by the media has gone viral +2023

In their Netflix television series, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stressed the challenges the Duchess faces due to frequent press hounding. Markle revealed how she felt insecure and threatened after her relationship with the royal prince became public. The former American actress recounted incidents of paparazzi surrounding her in Toronto and bothering her neighbors to find out about her.

The intrusion of the press did not stop even after marriage. The Duke and Duchess shared clips of being inundated by the media during their time as working royals. In his speech on the show, Prince Harry mentioned that all women marry into the royal family undergo the same treatment through the press. However, he believes that the For Meghan Markle, the situation was worse because of her race. Following the Duke’s claims, a video suggesting this has gone viral Kate Middleton was also brutally harassed by the photographers.

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The Harry & Meghan show called for undermining Kate Middleton’s struggles

In a video shared by a Twitter handle, Kate Middleton can be seen being followed by the press. The photographers can also be heard using the Princess of Wales to get a reaction out of her. Royal Tina Bower explained the situation in the video: “As Kate walked through Paddington Station or an airport, barbaric photographers would scream ‘Female dog!’ ‘Whore!’ ‘Slag, look this way!’ trying to upset her like they did Diana.”

Also, the royal expert mentioned how Middleton received no official aid from the palace and Prince William to escape the torture. Remarkably, the Twitter user also hit out Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s show for projecting the future Queen Consort to have it easy with the media.

Meanwhile in the documentationsPrince Harry recalled the horrific days when his mother Princess Diana was exposed to the press after her divorce from Prince Charles. The late Princess of Wales succumbed to media brutality in the final days of her life.

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Between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, who do you think has had more media issues? Write your views in the comments below.

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