American singer Maren Morris hits back at criticism of Meghan Markle following the release of the Netflix docu-series +2023

Along with the massive success it brought, the Harry & Megan We also have a lot of gossip and controversy in the documentary series. After Royal Experts smashed the Sussexes couple with the British tabloids, haters hit back at the pair with harsh criticism. However, the Duke and Duchess are never short of supporters, most notably Meghan Markle.

It feels like Markle’s best friends didn’t show up, but an American singer-songwriter brought them back. As reported by e-online, The States celebrity has taken a bold stance in support of the Duchess. Unable to make peace with the online hate against Markle, Maren Morris has reached out to the media to offer her opinion on behalf of the former American actress. Her usual TikTok videos, which come with a musical or a casual video, came as a support campaign for the Duchess.

Maren Morris addresses Meghan Markle amid documentary criticism

The star last posted her on Friday, where she claimed she couldn’t take it.hatred and anger‘ aimed at Meghan Markle. Despite trivial social strife, hate comments disrupting social media decency have always been at an all-time high. Addressing the complaints of such chaos in the media, Morris said: “it was unfathomable” for her. In her opinion, the worst thing of all was that women put women down without having any closer insights into the prince’s family.

The star touched on Buckingham’s age-old mysteries and shared how, apart from Princess Diana, Princess Margaret had a tragic life. Though he never left the family in the service of the nation and upholding their queen sister’s image, Morris believed she should have. “It all feels very much on a woman, as it has for most of the story.” added the American songwriter before graduating.

Maren Morris’ statement came after her documentaries became the main target of criticism following their release last Thursday. The couple spoke wholeheartedly about the family’s age-old struggles with paparazzi. From the tragic death of Princess Diana to Meghan Markle receiving death threats, they revealed it all in their first three episodes of the bombshell docuseries.

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