Amelia Bono inspires us with her latest look in the form of a perfect jumpsuit for this Christmas +2023

eight out of ten Instagram Stories that appear in our feed They are accompanied by some Christmas song. It can come in the form of Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé or Frank Sinatra, but in all cases they indicate that Christmas is just around the corner. Knowing that the list of tasks accumulates in our agenda, finding the perfect look for these parties it can bring more than one headache. Luckily for many of us, Amelia Bono shows us the perfect way to dress this time with classelegance and simplicity (and with a garment that is sweeping this Fall-Winter 2022/2023).

Amelia Bono uses this iconic anti-aging cream that she claims leaves her skin smoother.

A Friday look by Tamara Falcó

Amelia Bono and her zippered jumpsuit

With puffed sleeves, flared pants and a large central zipper, Amelia Bono has rocked it with her latest outfit. Versatile, comfortable and different, jumpsuits enjoy a unique privilege in the world of fashion (and have become a great option for guest looks).

Uterque Monkey Amelia Bonus 02

The bad new? The design of the socialite It is signed by Uterqüe and is part of past collections. Although the brand does not exist, its clothes continue to cause a sensation.

Uterque Monkey Amelia Bono

If you want to find the perfect look for this Christmas and you want to be inspired by this outfit, fashion brands offer us similar options at a good price. With a halter neckline and wide leg pants, Zara offers us this version perfect for knocking out staff.

Zara Black Jumpsuit

Asymmetrical and with only one (long) sleeve, Stradivarius conquers us with this option perfect for sweeping the festive season.

Stradivarius Jumpsuit

Photos | instagram @ameliabonoUterqüe, Zara, Stradivarius

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