Amazing Red Hair Styles DIY

Master: Olga Rodionova Model: Ekaterina Andreeva photo: CONSTANTINE Golomazov

Original Color: 77/44 – by length (color washed away)
7/0 – regrown Basal Zone

Using dye Koleston Perfect by Wella Professionals

Mix Koleston Perfect 77/44 + 8/45 6%, put on the roots.
Next, mix the CD 8/45 1.9% in the proportion of 1: 2 mixture is uniformly applied to the web of hair.
Dwell time 20 minutes without heat.

red-before-after-00002 red-br-00002

After the exposure time, thoroughly wash off the paint Wella Care shampoo for colored hair and applied color stabilizer. The holding time is 5 minutes. Wash off the stabilizer.


On damp hair, apply foam Wella.Vypolnyaem blow-dry, set the volume and direction of the required hair.
Screw the hair strand by strand on the forceps, clamps fix.



Remove clamps, comb hair comb from the face and form a hairstyle.


To secure the use Super Set – hair spray ultrastrong fixation.
For a glossy shine to spray on hair Shimmer Delight.

red-br-00006 red-br-00007 red-br-00008

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