Alyssa Farah Griffin applauds Herschel Walker for having ‘more dignity’ than Trump by accepting election loss +2023

Just days after beating Georgia Senate nominee Herschel Walker live on air, The view had a quick change of heart on tonight’s show. The panel commended Walker for accepting the results of the Georgia runoff after losing to incumbent Raphael Warnock yesterday (December 6).

Joy Behar led the pack, first sneaking a joke at Walker’s expense before applauding him for doing what any normal person would do by accepting the results of the election.

“I was impressed by Herschel Walker’s concession speech,” Behar began. “No mention of werewolves or vampires. He was spot on.”

She continued, “I felt like he was relieved in a way. Somewhere in this guy’s head he must be thinking, Those white guys, you know, Lindsey [Graham] … push him around, they use him. I think he knew.”

Behar also pointed to Walker’s mention of the Constitution in his concession address, in which he told the crowd, “I want you to believe in America and keep believing in the Constitution and believing in our elected officials,” per news week.

She suspected the line was “a direct diss against Trump.”

Later in the discussion, Whoopi Goldberg also praised Walker for “graciously” accepting his loss. “Perhaps the next time he decides to do so, he’ll come better prepared for himself so he can’t be made a laughingstock of understanding that the truth is important.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin was the next to applaud Walker, admitting, “Even he has shown more dignity and integrity by conceding than Donald Trump has.” That just underscores what a bad man the former President is. Even Herschel Walker, who, there’s a lot of things to criticize, said this is a moment to say, ‘Our politics work, the Constitution matters and I lost fairly and honestly.'”

While the co-hosts admired Walker’s ability to accept his loss (applauding the needful), Behar took the praise a step too far.

“He’s not a bad guy,” she said of Walker being accused violently abuse his ex-girlfriend and his ex-wife. The panel stepped in to correct her, with Sunny Hostin immediately reminding Behar of the abuse allegations against Walker.

“That was not good. I forgot about that,” Behar replied, while Goldberg added, “None of us are picture perfect.”

Seriously, Whoopi?

The view airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC. Watch the full conversation about Walker’s loss in the video above.

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