All Colors of Nature Meet in Jewelry Style

All Colors of Nature Meet in Jewelry Style +2023

Who doesn’t love the sparkle of diamonds… If the harmony and energy of the colors found in nature are added to this… Jewelery master Storks welcomes summer with its Rainbow series, which brings all the colors of nature together in jewelery style. With striking designs that adapt to both daily style and special occasions, the Rainbow series brings together the powerful energies of natural stones in different colors and style titles.

Turkey’s first jewelery brand, Storks Diamond, embraces the new season with its colorful jewelery series Rainbow, which adapts to all styles and attracts the attention of all ages. Reflecting the dynamism of the rainbow, the eye-catching series combines the sparkle of natural sapphire stones of all colors with diamonds and adapts to the style of hot summer days. The Rainbow series, which has varieties from necklaces to bracelets, from rings to earrings, is on the radar of those who want to capture a dynamic and fun style.

Jewelery shine from Turkey to the world

Steering the jewelery trend with its unique designs and striking touches, Storks Diamond is the leader in the export of diamond jewelery among Turkish brands on an international scale. Producing eye-catching designs with precious natural stones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds as well as diamond rings, necklaces, and bracelets, Storks Diamond offers special It also comes to the fore in collections and personalized production. Continuing to assert itself in the men’s collection with its wide product range, Storks Diamond has 30 stores and more than 150 sales points in Turkey, and exports most of its production to nearly 30 countries.

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