All About Permed Hair 2022! Perm Hair Cut, Perm Hair Style

Although the 80s come to mind when it comes to perm hair, today there are many versions of this hairstyle that you can choose under the title of “modern perm”. Whether you want to have effortless beach waves or curly hair as if you just came out of the hairdresser; It is possible to achieve these dreams with perm hairstyles.

What is perm hair, does perm damage hair, how permanent is permed hair? Discover more about this special hair technique to answer your questions.


perm-hair-2What is a perm?

Permanent hairstyle, short for permanent hairstyle, means permanently straightening, curling or wavy hair with the help of a chemical solution. This hairstyle, which was widely preferred for curly hair styling, especially in the 80s, has now become a hair trend that offers a more elegant way to change the texture of the hair. Perm hair generally involves wrapping straight hair in hair rollers or sticks and applying a solution on top. Then there’s what’s called a digital perm, which uses temperature-controlled rods and infrared heat to create loose waves and natural volume. Ultimately, the perm is heat activated to break down your hair’s natural molecular structure, resulting in restructured hair that mirrors the shape of the rods.

So, how exactly is a perm done? First, the hair is placed on the rods according to the type of curls desired, then a perm solution is applied on these rollers. This changes the hair structure and reshapes the hair to take the curl size of the roller it is placed on. While this may sound like a dream, a perm can definitely cause damage as it dramatically changes the hair structure. But it is generally not as harsh and severe as bleaching hair, so it is possible to rebalance hair health with the right care recommendations.

Does perm damage hair?Permed hair has made a huge comeback in recent years. However, contrary to what we are used to, it has a more modern look. Whereas in the ’80s the perm rolled on tight rods and resulted in a rough look, now it flows more naturally and looks softer. As a matter of fact, the rods used today make a remarkable difference between the old and the new. So now you can get a perm to create permanent beach waves.

Does perm damage hair? As we explained above, perm can cause damage to the hair. However, as long as it is applied by professionals and with the right care recommendations, modern perm will minimize this damage.

perm-hair-4How permanent is permed hair?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about perm hair. The effect of the perming process can last up to six months, but unlike the dye process, the perm is not washed off and cannot be chemically reversed. The perm needs to grow out for it to come off your hair completely, luckily, your hair usually grows in natural-looking waves.

The key word for permed hair is care. If your hair is naturally curly or straight, treat your hair as you normally would. If you are going to dye your hair, wait at least a week after the perm. Look for ingredients in your hair care products that have the ability to add moisture to your hair. Also:

Avoid wetting and washing your hair for at least 2 days after getting a perm.
Limit the use of heat styling tools.
Use a moisturizing shampoo or a shampoo specially formulated for treated hair. For example, Clear Women Complete Care Shampoo, with its special formula containing amino acids for healthy-looking and flawless hair, nourishes the scalp and preserves the natural protein structure of the hair.
Protect hair from frizz and tangling by securing it and sleeping in a satin cap.


Are perm hairstyles suitable for everyone?

The perm is suitable for all hair types, from straight to wavy. You can get information about the most suitable treatment for your hair type by consulting your hairdresser. Since perms are usually done to give the hair more volume and vitality, you should adopt the care habits of people with naturally curly hair. From protecting it at night to trying to nourish it, your curls need moisture, whether natural or treated. As long as you keep these in mind and take the necessary care, you will have the hair of your dreams!


How to style perm hair?

Use curly hair care secrets to style permed hair. The extra volume your hair will gain thanks to the perm makes it much easier to style them. You can preserve the appearance of your curls with a diffuser on a low heat setting. Or you can have natural looking waves in the morning by braiding your damp hair before going to bed. Heat styling tools can damage your hair.

Make sure to use them sparingly and on a low setting.


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