Alice in Borderland Season 2 is causing a stir among Netflix fans for all the right reasons +2023

Did you really think you would escape a year when global inflation topped 8 percent, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on the Oscars stage, and Kanye West expressed his love for Hitler without watching another Netflix series in young people have no luck in the fast pace of life? take part in a deadly game that struck Jack London’s kill or be killed squarely in the heart? Alice in the Borderland The Season 2 trailer is here to prove you wrong. After the first season, the manga adaptation is back with a second season, although it gave the series a run for its money a year before Squid Game aired.

Netflix has released the trailer for Alice in Borderland Season 2

Haro Aso’s brilliant manga has been adapted into a series by an equally brilliant team consisting of Shinsuke Sato, Yoshiki Watabe and Yasuko Kuramits. This Japanese sci-fi thriller didn’t need a giant singing puppet or zombies to get you biting your nails.

The fear of being stabbed in the back by your closest friends and having to make tough decisions every minute to survive was scary enough.

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Additionally, an empty dystopian Tokyo isn’t the only cinematic brilliance the series brings. The cast and crew beautifully portray the youngsters who are on the brink of insanity thanks to the games.

Alice in the Borderland The Season 2 trailer makes it clear that the show picks up right where it left off. Apart from this time, Ryohei Arisu and Yuzuha Usagi have to face the GM Mira.

Will season 2 be a recreation of the manga?

Unlike many of its book adaptations, Netflix has gone shoulder to shoulder with the manga in this case. Season 1 of the exciting series included 31 chapters of the manga, leaving room for 33 more. Given that Netflix renewed the series for a second season faster than Flash, we’re talking fast within two weeks of the release of Season 1 for the manga adaptation to potentially have more seasons.

We won’t know until after the release Alice in the Borderland Season 2, scheduled for release on December 22nd. Looking at the trailer, it’s obvious that they’ve increased the game’s difficulty by ten. Make sure you don’t miss anything Alice in the Borderland Season 2 onward Netflix.

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The Alice in Borderland Season 2 feature caused quite a stir among Netflix fans for all the right reasons, first appearing on Netflix Junkie.

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