Alcohol Ban and “Me Too Checks”: Why does Beyonce impose these conditions on her crew just before her Renaissance tour? +2023

Beyonce Knoweles

There’s a reason Beyonce is considered a queen. And it’s not just the fact that her vocal range is astronomical or that Billboard #1 is waiting for her music to step on it. While both of the above facts are true, the reason Beyonce has been placed on a throne untouched by anyone else in the music industry is because of the divine storytelling artistry and cultural integrity she infuses into her albums. Their albums contained tracks that made for a spectacular viewing experience alongside the brilliant music they guaranteed.

The artist has been in the music industry for more than three decades, during which time she has released seven studio albums, each incredibly greater than the last, yet beautiful in their own right. But her latest album Renaissance, in 2022 the night fell quietly.

The reception, of course, was much brighter and livelier than the stillness of the night. But this album came after six years of semi-retirement. And the fact that it had no graphics drove fans crazy. Not the good kind, but the kind that gets them collectively begging on Twitter. But after four months of begging, while there is no news about the graphics, fans have been granted something bigger. Preparing the Grammy Winners for Renaissance is full.

What did Beyonce ban alcohol for her crew?

Although the musical genius has yet to officially announce a tour, fans have gathered plenty of evidence. The strongest is a Renaissance Tour package to be auctioned at WACO Theater’s 2022 Wearable Art Gala. And as we near 2022, The Sun uncovered that Mrs. Tina has a few rules that she has Renaissance Tour crew must follow. And while it’s not as extreme as a kpop agency, the rules are definitely demanding.

Beyonce wants her crew to stay away from drug and alcohol use. Also, she cut down on all the crazy parties during the tour. “Bey knows the new performances will require intense choreography and precision, so everyone needs to be clean and soberr.”

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Another safety measure the artist has insisted on is a thorough background check of her crew to ensure she has no #MeToo allegations.

But Beyonce takes this queen demeanor a step further by also offering her crew mental health care. Knowing that their crew is so fit both mentally and physically, fans can’t wait for them to rock the stage.

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