After calling her home to God, Kanye West sends his ex-wife Kim Kardashian with Tom Brady +2023

Neither Elon Musk nor a black mask covering his entire face can stop Kanye West from saying what he wants. The rapper has caused quite a controversy over his recent rants about anti-Semitism. Additionally, a little more digging revealed that the rapper has always held this opinion and has only recently started roaring about it on live TV shows. This, in turn, has led to Kanye West being banned from his Twitter account.

However, Twitter’s suspension didn’t leave the Grammy winner without a platform to voice his opinions. Right-wing news channel InfoWars welcomed him with open arms. This led to the now infamous Kanye West interview, in which he openly spoke about being anti-Semitic on live television. Despite being busy confessing his love for Hitler and his great inventions like the microphone, Ye took some time to leave a “last message” to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

What did Kanye West say in his last message to his ex-wife?

Considering Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ruled the fashion industry and had four children together, the internet was positively shocked when they announced their divorce. While it seemed mutual and respectful at first, it didn’t stay that way for long. In December 2021, eleven months after filing for divorce, Kanye West sang: “You gotta run back to me baby, Kimberley to be exact.

But a year and many skete tweets later, the Grammy winner wants Kim Kardashian to go back to something else. And it is Christ, God and Jesus.

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In his notorious InfoWars performance, the rapper said “Hulu doesn’t love you Kim, Disney doesn’t love you Kim. come home Come home to Christ. go to god Go to Jesus.

However, Kanye West’s much-needed advice for Kim Kardashian, who is currently killing it with her SKIMS bodywear releases, didn’t stop there.

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This Thanksgiving dinner, Ye played Kim Kardashian’s Thanksgiving dinner relative who advises you to settle down. But not just with anyone. “Marry someone great. marry tom brady,said Ye.

Advising your ex-wife to marry an NFL champion makes Kanye West special. The Grammy-winning rapper not only gave Kim Kardashian some great advice, but he’s also given us a new pair to send out. It looks like Ye is finally over his ex-wife and onto bigger things, like a 2024 presidential campaign.

What do you think of West’s attempted matchmaking? Do you think Kardashian and Brady would make a good couple? Share your thoughts with us.

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