Adidas shoes to meet purposes before the end of the year cost less than 40 euros +2023

Practicing more sports, going for a run or joining the gym are always in the top 10 of the new Year’s resolutions, that sometimes we comply and sometimes not. Well, this year instead of waiting for January to carry them out, thanks to these Adidas shoes, we can start right away.

These are the most handsome men in the world (and we have something for everyone)

because if our objective It is to move more -which is super healthy mentally and physically- nothing like brand new something to give us a little push and extra motivation. These shoes can be key: they are good, pretty and above all, cheap.

It’s all about the model Lite Racer 2.0 Ideal for beginners in the world of running -or for runners who have been around for a while but are not yet experts- because it promises cushioning, grip and resistance for kilometers, whether on asphalt or on the gym treadmill.


With a classic and very elegant silhouette, we have them in black with the three side bands typical of the brand in pink. Available in lots of sizes, the brand itself recommends us to choose a number more than usual because they carve smallyou will find them on the Adidas website for only 60 36 euro.


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